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Special Screening of the winning movies from the V BigScreen Festival 2007


A two-day Special Screening of the winning titles from the V BigScreen Festival 2007 (Kunming), the only international film festival in Southern China, promoted by CinaOggi.it and GoKunming.com with the support of the Cultural Office of the Italian Embassy in Beijing.
Winners includ Hong Kong director Yan Yan Mak's "The Scarlet Robe" for best long film, "Il Vecchio e la Fontana" by Tony Palazzo of Italy for best short film, "Living in a Perfect World" by Italians Diego D'Innocenzo and Marco Leopardi for best documentary and "Almost Like One of the Family" by Astrid Göransson from Sweden for best animation.
Four films by French director Jean-Gabriel Périot - "Even if she had been a criminal", "Dies Irae", "Under Twilight" and "Nijuman No Borei" were collectively honored as the best entries in the videoart and experimental films category. The jurors said they based their selections upon the theme of modernity vs tradition, which was a common thread in all the winning movies.

TUE, January 15

Dies Irae
directed by Jean-Gabriel Périot
France, 2005, color, no dialogs, 10'
That I am the cause of your journey
Don't leave me on that way

Even if she had been a criminal ... (Eût-elle été criminelle ...)
directed by Jean-Gabriel Périot
France, 2006, b/w, no dialogs, 10'
France, summer 1944. The public punishment of womem accused of having affairs with Germans during the war…

Under Twilight
directed by Jean-Gabriel Périot
France, 2006, b/w, no dialogs, 5'
Beauty and/or Destruction

Nijuman No Borei (200000 phantoms)
directed by Jean-Gabriel Périot
France, 2007, color, no dialogs, 11'
Hiroshima 1914-2006

Almost like one of the family
directed by Astrid Göransson
Sweden, 2007, color, no dialogs, 9'51"
My starting point is 30 letters written by Anna-Helèn to her big sister Clary in Rickarum. Anna-Helèn was a farmer's daughter from Bjärehalvön, who as a 19 year old got the chance to come along with one of the families visiting over the summer, the one of opera singer Stiebel, to "practise" in a city household in Stockholm. She was supposed to be like a member of the family. She became a maid. There is a flow of descriptions in the letters of everything she sees and is amazed by in this unknown environment - what she does, all the new food she cooks, the kitchen equipment she uses, and above everything - what she feels.

The Scarlet Robe
directed by Yan Yan Mak
Hong Kong, 2007, color, Chinese / English Subtitles, 35'
This is a story about a Mother and her Daughter. The Daughter has always looked up to her Mother: a famed Cantonese opera "belle" performer. The young Daughter would look on backstage in awe, as she watches her Mother in a dazzling display of confidence on stage through her craft. The Daughter's greatest hope is that she will be well-received and liked by her Mother, both in life and on stage. On the other hand, the Mother's greatest wish is that her Daughter will excel her in success, and these high expectations pushes her Daughter to meet those standards: however the Mother is challenged when it comes to the expression of this tough love.

WED, January 16

Il Vecchio e la Fontana
directed by Tony Palazzo
Italy, 2007, color, Italian / English Subtitles, 15'
A fountain, a 90 years old man, his dreams on a sunshine and hot Sunday of August…

Living in a perfect world
directed by Diego D'Innocenzo & Marco Leopardi
Italy, 2006, color, English / English Subtitles, 70'
In the Mexican Desert of Chihuahua, Mennonites live as two centuries ago… until electricity arrives in their "perfect world". Refusing technological progress, the orthodox begin an exodus to one of the world's most isolated places, the Bolivian forest. The film tells the stories of four protagonists living in the two Mennonite colonies of El Sabinal and El Capulìn, the first rejects any modern technology, the latter accepting such innovations as electricity and cars. In balance between tradition and modernity, between past and future, the four protagonists are longing for their "perfect world".


日期: 2008年1月15日 - 2008年1月16日
时间: 19:00
地点: Italian Embassy, Cultural Office
组织者: Italian Embassy, Cultural Office
合作者: CinaOggi.it /GoKunming.com

Free entrance

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