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9 aprile 2005 - 10 maggio 2005
Pechino - "Insight Into Women" - Li Ji, Qi Zhilong, Song Yonghong, Liu Fei, He Shen

L.A.Gallery Beijing New Space Opening

L. A. Gallery Beijing 2005 first exhibition will take place in our new space on 9th April, we are warmly invite you and your friends to attend the opening celebration.The new space locates in Cao Chang Di -- a newly opened art area in the north of 798 factory. It is a double exhibit space than before. Gallery will keep working onintroduce contemporary international art trends into the Chinese art world, as the same time promoting Chinese modern art to the international art community consistently.

"Insight Into Women"Openning Party: 3pm, 9th April 2005 Artists: Li Ji, Qi Zhilong, Song Yonghong, Liu Fei, He Shen Exhibition: 9th April --- 10th MayAddress: No. 319, East End Art, Cao Chang Di, Cui Ge Zhuang Village, Chaoyang District, Da Shanzi 71# Mail Box, Beijing 100015, P.R.China from Franchise road to north, after fifth ring road turn east, just near by Chang Jian Driving School and CAAW   Tel:86-10- 64720759, 86-13911463046 or 86-13901045042Fax:86-10- 64729812

E-mail: [email protected]

16 ottobre - 12 novembre 2004

Made by Nature - Robert F. Hammerstiel

With his photographic studies spanning the past ten years, Robert F. Hammerstiel has undertaken to get to the bottom of Western everyday culture. In this exhibition, he is presenting a selection of commonplace manufactured items--little plastic trinkets, all made in China, and cheaply available throughout the Western world. These are not essential commodities, but synthetic mass products like toys, pet cages, or decorations. Hammerstiel took photographs of them, sometimes including their transparent packagings, sometimes isolated against monochrome backgrounds. Nature is their common reference point, as they are all intended to imitate, idealize, even replace it. Their very artificialness however stands in stark, almost grotesque, contrast to these intentions.

Cut off from their usual contexts, presented unadorned and factual, these objects take on an emotional significance; they project dreams and desires, and the longing to somehow undo our alienation from Nature, to become one with it once again. In "Happy Days," to cite an example, a palm beach serves as such a desirable place of refuge, providing sanctuary for a family of happy dolls. The titles of the works themselves conjure up Arcadian conditions and fantasy worlds that the products epitomize, such as "Everything's just Fine," "New Home," "Atlantis," "Oases."

The objects photographed by Hammerstiel are export articles in a double sense: Western ideas were transported to China, cast in plastic there, and thus sent back to Europe and North America. During the process, artificial, synthetic things came into being/existence that demonstrate, from the artist's point of view, that living in mass society and the pursuit of individual happiness are conflicting, if not incompatible concepts.

Address : Beijing Laodong Renming wenhuagong, East of Tan An Men
By underground : Tan An Men East
Open time : Tuesday-Sunday
Tel : 86-10-65265045
Opening : 3pm 16th Oct. 2004
Exhibition: 16th Oct. 2004----12th Nov. 2004
e-mail: [email protected]
website: www.la-gallery-beijing.com