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The dissimilation of reality is not a commonplace concept, but our visual experience may be formulaic and superficial when we face the concept. There is not post-modernistic technical terms in this essay. We do not intend to distort the reality through postmodernism. On the contrary, we will pay more attention to the reality world. Usually artists are always evade something from reality world in their creations, because they are afraid of the trap of the reality and portray the world only by simple method. In the very significant sense of art history research, realism is always a important weapon of Chinese artists. At the beginning of 1980, the realistic art accomplished the critique towards the cultural revolution. The ideological trend was a new methodology about realistic art in the middle of 1980. At present many artists have adopted new medium in their art creation, but they still seek inspirations from the relationship between reality and art. Chinese contemporary art will develop continuous the basic of reality life. The essence of dissimilation is the development of society from agricultural country to modern industrial country. With the transition from agricultural country to modern society in China, everything is energetic and dynamic. Maybe with the development of the society, our home will be filled with greed and desire that will manipulate our head and control our heart. Even then it would seem that man will embrace the reality without doubt. We can indicate the situation of the dissimilation by Understanding two wards expansion and swelling that can show us some symbol about exaggeration or distortion. In other works, what the artists living in the developing country pay attention is the reality but this is the artistic language. Maybe itís the reality that forces us to reflect instinctive so that we canít evoke the interest to linguistic research. If we regard the depicted reality as the traditional reality, then todayís reality is the alien reality. We can immediately feel the difference between the two kinds of reality. The latter donít bring out the sweet image of the depicted reality or the pseudo sentimentalism, meanwhile, it is great chang of our concepts, is a injure on our mental regions, is cruelty and dreamland, is the mad and civilization of the reality, is the cheeseís savor and the cakeís life, is the pressure and difficulty that we have no choice, canít escape and give up ... alien reality is a fluid, solid, change and shining state. The works of the eleven artist sensitively express the phenomenon of alienation. An Heís work depict the personal imagine which is about expectation and someoneís strange selection under the excitement practical life; the work of the Huidong Pen suggests that enjoying every day has become a fashion; Bo Zhao combines the appetite of the practical life and cartoonlization of the pattern world; Bin Zhang add some sexy elements to the grave story of the TV play; Yu Gao explain the alien of the monstrous commercial society through the Chineses Gongfu; Jian Pan who comes from Xian describe the scenes that the famous historic city was being pressured everyday by the Modernization; Jie Ma linked the past and the future; Jing Jiangís work is a beautiful and fragile glass vat which implies that the life just like a game; Hong Bin Wei sacralize the living rubbish and transform the material to the visual experience; Weizhen Ke and Ziwen Chen coming from Hong Kong, stress expression and fantastical are them world. The dissimilation of the reality doesnít cease. It will continuous bring us variable and unseen force in the course of development. The follows is a citation of Foucault as the end of the paragraph: On the surface of the material, under the sunshine, it takes the effect through the presentation action, the combination of the reality and the fantasy, the whole muffled net which always be broken and spun, unite the truth and the phenomenon and the same time, separate them. It is secretive and shining, tells truth and lie, is brightness and shadow. It is attractive.

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